194. Pizza

194. Pizza

- You should take care of your diet... It isn't healthy to eat too many biscuits... The vultures can't fly...
- ... Their mom helps.


193. Garaipenaren gola

193. Goal of victoria

- Bot 's got his goal of victoria. Aren't you happy?
- If you knew how many fuse box I need to change for him...


192. Piper berdeak

193. Green pepper
- What have my grandma prepared for my lunch? Spanish omelette with red pepper...or green pepper...

- Burlps
- ... Green pepper!


191. Pop Korn Lehen Eguna

191. Pop-Corn first day
- So you first day, you're going to be at the door tearing the ticket...
- Easy! Do I need to apply any special technique? with 2 fingers? ... pinching with the third
- So far, focus and don't splash your blood to our  spectators.


190. Tintamoten

190. Inking

- I need to be calm in order to ink well...
- UUOU!!!
- ... I've told you not to feed them red beans.
- Come on... It isn't that bad.


189. Pop Korn

189. Popcorn

- without any experience working in cinema...
- A-ha!
- Ages without seeing a movie.
- As I indicate in my hobby, I prefer investing my time in party...
- Well, we still want you to be in our team... this popcorn is delicious.



187. Hamabitako

187.  Twelve o´clock

- It´s gone...
- The commerical period´s started...

- ... my lunch... Finally! You are late!

- And the beer?

- Put the documentary channel...
- ... I want to see sports. I need to get the window shade fixed.


Aupa Oporrak!

ATSEDENA! Irailean itzuliko gea!

¡DESCANSO! Volvemos en septiembre!

ON HOLIDAY! We'll be back in September! 



184. Erromanikoa ala gotikoa

184. Romanic or Gothic

- No way, Bot... The sand would destroy your circuits... Look how we build and that's it.
- Gothic arch?
- Has anyone got clean hands to help me to put the sun-cream on?
- I put my new gloves for you.
- UARGH!!! The water is breaking the wall!


183. Jaigi hadi dantzara

183. Let's go dancing

- It seems that the ankle has already got cured.
- This week, it hasn't made any worrying noise...
- Yes... You could go to dance...
- Let's celebrate! Two beers!!!
- Another two!!!


180. Beterraba entsaladan

180. Beetroot in Salad
- ... and this frame?
- It's the first ticket that Haizea gave me...
- You must be thinking that I'm too dumb to be so obsessed with her... But it's over...
- No... I'm thinking it's been a long while we haven't eaten beetroot for salad.


179. Tatuaiak

179. Tatoo
- J! Look at my new tatoo! It's so cool! It's made by the little vultures. I can't get it wet because it's drawn by their deposition.
- Ah! You also have one too!
- ... What are you talking about? I've put my raincoat on all day.
- ... You must have forgotten to put the hood when you took a nap... Don't touch it... It's still fresh.


178. Txank pozik berriro

178. Txank is happy again
- Good morning!
- Amazing friends for a wonderful morning...
- ... Seems that he's overcome the love crisis...
- Yes... Or I may have put enough alcohol into his orange juice...


177. Bot jokoan

177. Bot's playing
- Here! to me!
- Bot's got accepted in the team...
- There were only a few of children in the test...
- It explains the goal keeper....


176. Futbol frogak

176. Football-bot

- Can't you stop?
- There's a football team entrance test today...
- Children's team? They don't want any robots...
- This new boy reminds me of someone...
- Good bye!


175. Usoak

175. Pigeons

- Good afternoon Satelite... How are you?
- The priest is better...

- The sun is so great!... Feeding pigeons while drinking beer...

- not feeding pigeons...


174. Malenkolia sakona

174. Deep melancholia
- AUPA Txank! It's not raining today!
- Chu
- Stop thinking about girls, leave your bed... It's so sunny, fantastic!
- Happy?


173. Malenkolia

173. Melancholia
- So chilly!
- and that melancholic sigh?
- Haizea's gone and I couldn't say goodbye...
- I still remember how she laughs...
- I sweat more when I wink my eye...


172. Gutuna

172. Letter
- Oh Haizea! You've got the key to my heart. There are lots of things I wanted to tell you...
- Wait! ... You're the sweaty guy... There are something for you...
- Has she written me a letter? or her telephone number?
- No, no... As she won't come back anymore... You can take your mop home...


171. Haizea ez dago

171. Haizea isn't here
- A fantastic day! It's just rained a bit, spring is coming, I've escaped from all the puke... and now It's time to see Haizea.
- ... I suppose she's spent all the vacations... Is she sick?
- Haizea has quitted her job.
- Because of studying or another job... I don't know...
- She's gone...
- What's that dirt on your pants?
- Vomit of caper and garlic juices... It seems that I haven't avoided all of them.


170. Satelitek orkatila apurtu du

170. Satelite's broken his ankle

- They criticize my strips, they love to put themselves in my mouth while I'm snoring, they love to change my coffee to the worm juice... Aren't you going to find a tree?
- Well, A couple of days ago we've found one that we like... but after trying a branch to see if it was sturdy enough, I twisted my ankle...
- Until I get recovered, I need the vulture.
- ... It's bought me a bottle.