117. Aitzakiak

117. Excuses
  • Lumbago
  • In a big party
  • Lots of rain
  • Had a nightmare last night
  • Lots of snow
  • without clean underwears

- I have used up all the excuses for not going to run.

- Here it is...
- PUF!... I´m not sure.

- Good morning...
- Is there any empty slot for today?...
- Yes? ... well thanks.

- Open up...  but, what is this?
- Tomorrow, I go to run... maybe.


116. Eguneratzea

116. Update

- Burminbot´s new body?

- ... Yes, and the laster too...
- So if you don´t want me to use it on you, CLEAN the bathroom.
- Of course!
- My pleasure.

- It doesn´t seem like it is dreaming with mechanical sheep...
- and later the kitchen.


115. Egun librea

115. Day off

- UFF... I am wetting myself...
- ... Can you replace me with the eggs when I go to the bathroom?

- I need a hot water bottle on your days off.


114. Bokata

114. Laundry

- ... Let's see if Txank can “score” all the underpants in the basket of dirty clothes.

- AIF! How sweet the sun in winter is...

- and Txank is seizing this chance to do the laundry.