156. Turroia afaltzeko

156. Nougat for dinner
- Don't eat the birds!!!
- What are you talking about? I've eaten nougat for dinner... I'm cleaning my teeths with them, they love it...


155. Zigorra

155. Punishment
- I'm not going to give you any birdseeds... I don't care for your sad face... You're still punished.
- I've had to put the announcement on the newspaper about the things that you have stolen, and I've spent the whole week to return them back...
- Well, so far... You've still got the panty from the pretty neighbour...
- It's so soft!
- At least, let us touch it!


154. Arropa lehorra

154. Dried clothes
- May I know where this rubbish comes from?
- Those are things that the little birds find... pieces of pizza, avocados, golden chains, wallets, credit cards, suppository pills...
- and this?
- What're you doing?
- It seems that it belongs to the pretty neighbour...


153. Rekord

153. Record
- So fast!!! I can't even see the landscape... We're going to break the record!!!
- I've just remembered that it's the pretty neighbour's shower time.


152. Txanpu

152. Shampoo
- Is he running out of battery?
- No...Recently he spends hours looking out of the window... sometimes he says something...
- Shampoo!


151. Maisugorena

151. Supreme master

- I can't remove the dried ink from the nib...
- The nib is the soul's extention... It must be cleaned.
- Let's spit!
- ... rub and done.
- ... shining again.


150. Udazkena

150. Autumn

The emptiness of the Autumn afternoon makes the forehead-dick-guy sad.

- They aren't tears! I 've just taken a piss... Those are last drops.


149. Eskuila

149. Toilet Brush
- Attention!

- UHOOO!!! You've acquired the control of gravity...
- You're going to change the world!!!

- But what are you talking about?!!! I've got the toilet brush stuck on my hand and there isn't any way to take it out!
- Yes... We haven't cleaned the bathroom for a long time.
- Doesn't the robot clean it?
- Let's do the drawing lots to clean the bathroom. Now!!!

- New Experiment?
- I've lost the draw.


148. Zira

148. Raincoat

- Have you seen Haizea in the supermarket?
- Yes!
- Have you bought toilet paper?
- No.

- Calm down... I've bought one fresh lettuce... One question, J: What are you doing with the raincoat?

- The vultures have learnt how to fly...


147. Oihan dokumental

147. Jungle's documentary

- That's all for today... tomorrow more smoke!
- It's been a while that vulture hasn't come to work... Let's see when it gets bored watching that jungle's  documentary.
- Grandma! What's that bad smell?
- It smells like refinery!


144. Haizea

144. Haizea
- Concentration. I have to control my body.
- Finally!!! Toilet paper, Now!!!

- I haven't bought anything related to the bathroom. I had to be calm so I would dare to ask her name...
- Haizea!
- We're not going to have salad for dinner tonight...


143. 2 X 1

143. 2 x 1

- The plan will be... asking her about the offers and then her name... UHO! She's looking at me... I have to move now, I'm sweating a puddle...

But, She's got her name on... Well, I shall read it... It'd be easier like that... She's telling me something...
- ... Yes, Haha

UFA! I only have to read her name... Come on!
Read the......!

- While he's still passing out, please tell me if these cans are still in offer.


142. Kubo bakarra

142. Only one bucket

- How's in supermarket? Good?
- We have got a very smooth conversation.
- Have you known her name...
- Not yet... But she've told me when is the best time to buy fish...

- So, the relationship hasn't improved a lot...
- Not true! I've only filled a bucket of sweat...


141. Errino irakasle

141. Teacher Rhino
- ... They can't stay longer without knowing...
- ... Maybe their mom would teach them...

- Mom's tired after working... I'm the right one...

- You want to teach them how to fly, right?
- Nah... to say hello by burping...


140. Iluntasunari beldurra

140. Fear of darkness

With the vultures, we don't have mosquito problem anymore.
- ... They finish every single of them.
- Give me that underwear... Thanks.
- Now only if they can get rid of the fear of darkness, then we can switch off the light one night.
- Good night.


139. Zinta

139. Tape
Forehead-dick-guy likes the beach a lot.

- Yes... I always go with my floating mat and the bucket.
- and the tape so my cap won't be fallen.


138. Arezko gaztelua

138. Sand castle

- So pretty the castle, Rhino!
- Thank you... But it's not a castle...

- Sand castle!!!
- I love destroying them!!
- Cathedral?

- Neither... One of my fabulous shit that has been covered by sand by wind...
- Bath time...


137. Iron surfer

137. Iron surfer

- UOOOO!!! So nice!!!

- Be careful of your plate!... Don't even think about of touching the water!
- Okay...

- Burmuinbot!!!
- I'm not touching...


136. Horia

136. Yellow

- Bad luck! ... We can't swim here.
- What? It's just yellow! At least we can swim until the knees...

- Radioactive in yellow... It's leak from the nuclear power station...
- Let's go to another one?


135. Hondartza eguna

135. Great day to the beach

- What a great day! Let's go to the beach!
- I'm also going!
- Me too.
- I'll prepare a spanish omelette...

- I'm going to find my rubber ring...
- I don't have any potatos...
- ... The sand may harm your circuit.
- Please ... I haven't seen the ocean before...

- Don't forget the parasol...
- ... and suncream.
- I've got concrete...
- Ready?

- What...? The day has gone!!
- Well, I'm not going to sleep until I find the rubber ring...


134. Zizare xukua

134. Worm Juice
- Txank, What´s wrong with you?!
- Well...
This morning, I was running...
- Next excuse : stiffness!!!
After that, I went to the supermarket where my favourite cashier is...
- Your sweat is different today...
- Yes, fresher... It´s because of doing sport...
- ... So I am dried out.
- Worm juice!!


133. Zizareak

133. Worms
-  I've been eating garlic to reduce my arterial pressure...
- Yes! Two weeks!

- Yes, and now I can't feed them the breakfast or they'll lose their consciousness...
- Well! ... I'll do it, but please talk with a bag...

- Today is worms... chew them well until you get a puree texture, then give it to the beaks...


132. Kateorratza

132. Pin

- Here it's... my magnetic glove... now we only need to try it.

- Take that pin...

- Let's put the pin and finish. Now we only need to improve the aiming accuracy.