87. Etxerako bidea

87. Way back home

- Aupa man! Sorry for not being there in your concert. You know they don't let me go inside the bar when I eat white beans... how was it?
- Fantastic.

- At the end, the audience lifted me up in the air...

- Yes, to throw you out of the bar.
- It was sweet. They wanted to show me the way home to get some rest.



 86. Champagne

- Oh! You´re  drawing again?
- Playing music in front of the public demands a lot of energy... Making comics is more relaxing. 

- Although I won´t forget the applause that I got...

- Yes... When you said that was the last song...
- They even opened bottles of champagne. 


85. Sinfonia D txikian

85. D menor Symphony

- I am rewinding the tape of the concert...
- So I can play it to Satelite, when he gets better from the weird Japanese virus he caught.

-... but what?!!!

- How dare you record on my composition?!!
- I beg your forgiveness, master.



84. Zer esan puxker bat eta gero

84. What can you say after a good fart

Rhino presents: What can you say after a good fart:

- A call from jungle.

- Fresh CH4...

- ... this armchair is inagurated.

- Great ending for a song...
- ...what a pity that I don't have my harmonica.


83. Tila

83. Lime blossom tea

- There is no doubt that he is the worst musician that had played in this bar ever...

- ... The noise from the toilet sounds better. 

- Yes... but thanks for him, I have sold years-quantity-lime blossom tea in three songs...
- One lime blossom tea, please!