17. Burmuinbot esku

17. Burmuinbot Card dealer

- Aupa! Today we are going to win!
- Yes.... This is the moment to get our new tactics
- Let´s go, Burmuinbot.

- You have to slow down the power.
- Yes, it is in the Frog game mode.
- If we were playing Parchis....


16.Test psikoteknikoa

16. Response test

- Another response test? I never do it well. Maybe I don´t have the personality that the companies want. 

- But this guy seems like he is calm and reasonable. He is born to work in an office.
- I am going to copy his answer. 

- ... A, D, B, B, A, A, ....
- ... Now two more Ds. Because I have put very few of them.


15.Satelite TM

15.Satelite TM

- How are your strips going?
- So-so. 
- You can make an interesting comic about me. The story would be ... how I flirted with two girls last week. 
- Yes, yes.... like when you drank Absinthe, you started sucking the people´s nipples. 
- or when you smoked the rhino´s dry shit, you thought it got hallucinogenic effects.... hahaha
- Don´t forget that I have the image rights. 


14. Lan elkarrizketa

14. Job interview
- Yes, of course I like teamwork. We can make better jokes about the boss.  
- Very good. Now it is over.... We will call you. 
- Let´s see if it is true... Normally when I am told like this, they never call. ....The truth is,  I don´t care if I am taken or not.
- ...But it would be nice to see you again. ...  Do you like figs? I know a park which is full of fig trees. We can have a picnic one afternoon...