168. Satelite berotzen

168. Satelite warming up
- Are we going to continue running?
- Wait... We have to warm up...
- and we'll go... after the match.


167. Satelite korrika

167. Satelite is running

- UFA ! I'm going to dehydrate... I can't do it anymore!
- You may have a drink in 100 metres.
- 100 metres?
- ... I don't know if they're going to arrive...
- It's so lucky that there's a bar next to the bar...
- EUPS! Perdon!


166. Satelite kirolari

166. Satelite doing sport
- Satelite has stood us up again...
- AUPA, my friends!!
- Sorry for coming late!... I don´t remember which sport we are going to do.


165. Pintxo

165. Pintxo
- You should come to run with us.
- I´ve changed the detergent but it still smells like refinery...
- You spend too much time in the bar...
- ...Less than you think.
- Satelite! Your grandma wants to know if you are going home for lunch...
- ... I´ll have some of your pintxos.


163. Itogina

163. Leakage

- Aupa Txank!
- ... Thanks
- and your umbrella?
- ... I don't have to do questionnaire today...
- Leakage? Sorry!
- Don't worry, It's my condensed sweat...
- I'll put my hat on.


161. Egunkaria

161. Newspaper
- All these newspapers? Are you going to paint your room?
- Since the vultures have started flying, they're making poo poo everywhere...
- And where are they now? Are they looking for avocados?
- No... They're doing crossword puzzles in the lamp above you...