216. Agur!

216. Good Bye

- We'll all visit you every Saturday.
- Good bye!
- Are you sad, J?
- No...  They've made poo on me!!!
- Brown tears.



215. Plugged
- Through the variation of polarities we have opened a crack in the cosmic network close to reality!

- An universe of possibilities.

- Big Spit?
- Another genius!


212. Gailurretik gertu

212.Almost the peak

- Instead of beech, the rocks would be more adequate for the nest.
- ... but, what's wrong with you guys?
- The air is too pure!
- A chimney, please!


211. Pop Korn Usaina

211. Pop corn - smell

- Aupa! 
- You are burning!
- A tiny electric problem... It's okay.

- Did you like the movie?
- Yes, it wasn't bad... but it has started smelling weird at the end. 
- Pop corns!
- It didn't smell nice.

- To the men's room! Tubes has got stuck again.


210. Atsedena

210. Rest

- I am leaving for a while to think about my future. 
- Do you need a tissue for the conclusion?
- No... I'll use fresh leaves or a polished stone... I'll enjoy the experience that our nature offers.
- Preet
- Nettle.
- It sounds like a hedgehog!!!


209. Pop Korn - Izerdi

209. Pop corn - sweat

- Haizea is coming out soon… I have to say hello without being nervous... What a shame! It's been a while I haven't studied my notebook of funny phrases.

UAGH! The music of the ending credits makes me sweat like a waterfall!

- Room 7's finished… Be prepared to turn on the light.

- I'm going!

- too sweaty!