181. Bot golegile

181.Bot's goal
- Bot is with the ball!
- Goal!!!
- What a shame that he's got an “own goal”...
- I have to fix his color-Blindness.


180. Beterraba entsaladan

180. Beetroot in Salad
- ... and this frame?
- It's the first ticket that Haizea gave me...
- You must be thinking that I'm too dumb to be so obsessed with her... But it's over...
- No... I'm thinking it's been a long while we haven't eaten beetroot for salad.


179. Tatuaiak

179. Tatoo
- J! Look at my new tatoo! It's so cool! It's made by the little vultures. I can't get it wet because it's drawn by their deposition.
- Ah! You also have one too!
- ... What are you talking about? I've put my raincoat on all day.
- ... You must have forgotten to put the hood when you took a nap... Don't touch it... It's still fresh.


178. Txank pozik berriro

178. Txank is happy again
- Good morning!
- Amazing friends for a wonderful morning...
- ... Seems that he's overcome the love crisis...
- Yes... Or I may have put enough alcohol into his orange juice...


177. Bot jokoan

177. Bot's playing
- Here! to me!
- Bot's got accepted in the team...
- There were only a few of children in the test...
- It explains the goal keeper....


176. Futbol frogak

176. Football-bot

- Can't you stop?
- There's a football team entrance test today...
- Children's team? They don't want any robots...
- This new boy reminds me of someone...
- Good bye!


175. Usoak

175. Pigeons

- Good afternoon Satelite... How are you?
- The priest is better...

- The sun is so great!... Feeding pigeons while drinking beer...

- not feeding pigeons...


174. Malenkolia sakona

174. Deep melancholia
- AUPA Txank! It's not raining today!
- Chu
- Stop thinking about girls, leave your bed... It's so sunny, fantastic!
- Happy?