194. Pizza

194. Pizza

- You should take care of your diet... It isn't healthy to eat too many biscuits... The vultures can't fly...
- ... Their mom helps.


193. Garaipenaren gola

193. Goal of victoria

- Bot 's got his goal of victoria. Aren't you happy?
- If you knew how many fuse box I need to change for him...


192. Piper berdeak

193. Green pepper
- What have my grandma prepared for my lunch? Spanish omelette with red pepper...or green pepper...

- Burlps
- ... Green pepper!


191. Pop Korn Lehen Eguna

191. Pop-Corn first day
- So you first day, you're going to be at the door tearing the ticket...
- Easy! Do I need to apply any special technique? with 2 fingers? ... pinching with the third
- So far, focus and don't splash your blood to our  spectators.


190. Tintamoten

190. Inking

- I need to be calm in order to ink well...
- UUOU!!!
- ... I've told you not to feed them red beans.
- Come on... It isn't that bad.


189. Pop Korn

189. Popcorn

- without any experience working in cinema...
- A-ha!
- Ages without seeing a movie.
- As I indicate in my hobby, I prefer investing my time in party...
- Well, we still want you to be in our team... this popcorn is delicious.



187. Hamabitako

187.  Twelve o´clock

- It´s gone...
- The commerical period´s started...

- ... my lunch... Finally! You are late!

- And the beer?

- Put the documentary channel...
- ... I want to see sports. I need to get the window shade fixed.